Kinesiology tapes

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Kinesio taping with Pino Tape is the best alternative to pain management. With the help of the Pino Tape kinetic tape, pain can be quickly mitigated without side effects, problems in making movements are usually instantly improved and the body's self-healing power activates.

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Kinesiology tape - cotton PINOTAPE®

Kinesiological Tape - Pinotape is an elastic cotton tape with acrylic adhesive that is used with the intention of treating pain caused by athletic injuries a...
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Tensospray 300ml

Tensospray is a convenient clear spray which leaves a thin protective film over the surface of the skin.
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Dynamic Tape


Dynamic Tape Glue is designed to speed up and increase the sticking power of the tape, for use when you do not have time for the tape to bond with the skin,...
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Cramer Sport


Cramer’s De-Hesive tape remover is one of those products that could be described as an unsung hero that flies under the rada
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