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We import physiotherapy medical equipment from the world's largest manufacturers. Latest Physiotherapy News: Cryotherapy Apparatus, Ultrasonic Devices, Nano Pulse Devices, Compex ...

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Globus Diacare 5000

Diathermy or Tecarterapia (Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer) is a technique that stimulates energy inside biological tissues, activating natural regenera...
33.999,00 RON 39.000,00 RON
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Normatec Pulse - Recovery system

With new interactions and capabilities, our PRO system is the most advanced REHAB AND RECOVERY solution on the market. Customize every aspect of your compres...
9.500,00 RON 11.500,00 RON

Catapult OptimEye S5 GPS system

OptimEye S5 is the most used athlete monitoring device in elite sport, with over 900 teams worldwide using it to enhance performance and mitigate injury risk
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